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Heavy-duty channel system (MI)

Hilti's strongest heavy-duty channel system for large-diameter pipes

Hilti's strongest heavy-duty channel system for large-diameter pipes
MI Hot-dip galvanised (HDG) installation girders with greater adjustability for heavy-duty applications
MIC-C-DH Hot-dip galvanised (HDG) baseplate for fastening MI-90 girders to concrete for heavy-duty applications
MIC-C-UH Connector for fastening MI girders to concrete
MI-DGC Hot-dip galvanised (HDG) double beam clamp for connecting MI girders to steel beams for heavy-duty applications
MI-SGC M12 Hot-dip galvanised (HDG) single beam clamp for connecting MIQ steel baseplates to steel beams
MIC-E Hot-dip galvanised (HDG) connector used to connect MI girders longitudinally for long spans in heavy-duty applications
MIC-UH Standard hot-dip galvanised (HDG) connector for fastening MI girders to one another
MIC-90-LH Hot-dip galvanised (HDG) connector offering highest load capacity within the MI and MIQ modular system
MIA-EC Girder end cap for safer and neater covering of MI and MIQ girder ends
MIC-MI/MQ M8 Hot-dip galvanised (HDG) connector for fastening MQ strut channels parallel to MI girders
M12-F-SL-WS 3/4" Hot-dip galvanised (HDG) hexagon nut with self-locking mechanism used with all MI connectors
MP-US OC Outdoor coated (OC) pipe straps for universal piping applications
M-UB Galvanised U-bolt for fastening uninsulated pipes to MI girders
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