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Boost productivity and reduce downtime with digital tool crib management

Construction companies spend nearly 100 hours a month on average tracking down missing equipment while the cost of purchasing duplicate tools and consumables quickly adds up. Learn how to avoid costly downtime, boost productivity and gain greater control over your inventory and costs by using Hilti’s digital solutions for managing your equipment and optimizing your tool crib.

Take control of your assets

Is your business struggling to keep track of equipment or stay on top of tool maintenance schedules? Help simplify processes by using the ON!Track equipment management system. ON!Track combines robust asset tags and labels and intuitive software so you can quickly access – from anywhere – information regarding the location and status of your assets. With ON!Track, you can also track consumables so that maintaining optimal inventory levels is easier.

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Cut downtime with faster repairs

Hilti tools are built to last. Sometimes, however, even quality tools break down. And when that happens, your teams risk falling behind schedule. Let us help keep your teams working with our guaranteed fast repairs. Order repairs directly from construction sites via our website, with the Hilti Connect mobile app, or by speaking to our customer service team. With our Tool Park Management service, you pay a fixed monthly fee which covers all tool repairs, and you get loan tools while you wait. And by using the ON!Track equipment management system, you can prevent downtime thanks to automated tool maintenance alerts.

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Control tool and equipment costs

A properly optimized tool crib can help you control costs because you only pay for the mix of tools and equipment you need. Schedule an analysis to receive expert advice on how to shape the best crib for your business. Want to gain even greater control over your costs? With Hilti Tool Park Optimization choose from a wide selection of tools, and then get a set of unmatched services (free repairs, loan tools, tool rental) to cut your costs and keep you productive all the time.

Tool crib optimization

Take control of your tool crib

Get simpler tool and equipment management with ON!Track

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