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Show me powder cartridges to power my powder-actuated tools

Show me powder cartridges to power my powder-actuated tools
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DX Cartridges

Safety on your side

Choose safety and eliminate risks associated with non-standard cartridges

When used properly, powder-actuated tools are very effective and increase productivity by utilizing a small, controlled burst to drive a specialized nail, stud, or other fastener into solid base materials like steel, concrete, or masonry. Hilti cartridges are designed specifically for use with Hilti powder-actuated tools as part of a matched-tolerance system. Part of the Hilti DX range of high-performance, reliable and versatile powder-actuated fastening solutions, DX cartridges provide customers with easier disposal, sustainable and greater efficiency, optimising site performance.


Increasing demand for construction material and products free of hazardous substances led Hilti to successfully introduce a new market standard with Clean-Tec cartridges.

Hilti’s Clean-Tec label designates products that have environmental and health benefits for customers.

  • Cleaner Combustion – No emission of lead or other heavy metals on the jobsite
  • Less waste – No hazardous substance and easy disposal of fully used cartridges
  • Better for the environment – Hazardous substances are not emitted into the environment 

What happens if I use non-standard quality cartridges?


The usage of non standard quality cartridges  can lead to the accumulation of over proportional amount of powder residue inside the tool, which may ignite anytime during operation and pose a severe safety risk to operators and bystanders.                                                                                                            

In order to avoid such risks, please consider the following steps:

  • Use only standard cartridges that are either verifiably tested by the manufacturer in accordance with standard EN 16264 or bearing the CE conformity marking (with the CE marking the provider of a cartridge confirms that the cartridge has been tested according to EN 16264).
  • Clean the tool regularly. Comply with all maintenance and cleaning information and instruction of use provided with each Hilti tool in addition to the instruction provided in this letter. 
  • Send the tool to a service center for maintenance regularly. Standard cleaning procedures by the operator will not be able to remove powder accumulation inside the tool, caused by non-standard cartridges and professional cleaning is necessary.

What is the recommended service?

  • Clean the tool after every 2,500 - 3,000 fastenings, but at least daily. The fastener counter shows how many fasteners have been driven since the cleaning indicator was last reset. One bar stands for 500 fasteners.
  • Check the piston and the buffer daily when the tool is subjected to intensive use, or at the very least, before the end of the recommended regular cleaning interval of 2,500 - 3,000 fastenings.
  • The inspections, service intervals and cleaning intervals are based on typical tool use. If you find that the tool is not functioning correctly before a scheduled interval is reached, service the tool immediately or send it to a Service centre for maintenance.
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Digitally enabled and fully automatic. The DX 5 offers high-productivity and versatility, your best partner powder actuated tool for fastening collated nails

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