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ON!Track 3-part Tool And Asset Tracking System

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Hilti provides professional on-site service and ongoing support. Our consultants analyze your business processes and configure a personalize solution specifically for your business to increase productivity and efficiency. 

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We have a robust set of tags that are designed for construction jobsites. Our tags offer high resistance to mechanical and impact abrasions, and are equipped with several attachment options for application versatility.

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ON!Track is a user-friendly cloud-based application and it's accessible from any web-enabled device. The subscription includes an unlimited number of users so customers can give secure access to relevant personnel.

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Consumables Management

Consumables Management

Consumable material such as screws, anchors, foam, cables, and PPE, is difficult to manage across jobsites and in the warehouse. This is because field personnel either forget to notify the purchaser when material is needed, which can stop production on the job, or they take too much material and generate waste which increases costs and reduces profit. ON!Track’s inventory functions makes consumable management easier and more transparent.


  • Maintain optimal inventory levels
  • Receive alerts when it’s time to reorder
  • Generate reports to monitor usage by person or location

Service Maintenance Management

Service Maintenance Schedules

Proper maintenance of tools and equipment is critical for efficient operations and employee safety. Well maintained equipment last longer and makes employees more productive and safe. ON!Track’s service management features allow users to stay on top of maintenance schedules, complete service work using the mobile app, and track associated costs.


  • Receive alerts for service and preventative maintenance
  • Perform and close maintenance and calibration activities
  • Identify who performed the work and when
  • Track costs to know what should be repaired or replaced

Rental Equipment Management

Rental Equipment Management

Rental return dates are often forgotten when jobsites and capital projects are in full production mode. ON!Track allows users to stay on top of rental return deadlines so dates are not missed and additional fees are not incurred for idle equipment.


  • Receive alerts for rental return dates based on project timelines
  • Easily see in the system who the equipment is assigned to, and who needs to be contacted to initiate returns
  • Run reports to track rental usage and make purchasing decisions

Employee Training And Certification Management

Employee Training And Certification

Proper employee training and certification is required to stay compliant with local regulations, and more importantly to make sure workers have the knowledge to continue operating safely. Companies that do not have an adequate training and certification management system risk fines and work injuries.


  • Receive alerts for training and certification renewal dates
  • Efficiently manage certification documents for inspector requests
  • Immediately know who is certified to operate different tools and equipment before transferring assets to them

Track Safety Equipment

Track Safety Equipment

Safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, safety harnesses, and similar items need to be regularly checked and cycled out of inventory. Similarly, gloves, hardhats, and safety glasses need to be readily available and waste minimized.


  • Receive alerts when items need to be cycled out of inventory
  • Receive alerts when safety items need to be reordered
  • Track service and maintenance work on safety equipment

Commodity Management

Track Commodities

Commodities are usually items that are low in monetary value and high in quantity. These are items that are not tracked as unique objects, but rather as a group or category. Common commodity groups for our customers include trash buggies, wheel barrows, ladders, and scaffolding. 


  • Able to track low value items in an economical way
  • Full transparency into quantity levels and location of material
  • Reduce waste and lost material through accountability


Reporting And Documentation Management

Reporting provides insight into business operations for leaders to make decisions that will positively impact the bottom line. ON!Track consolidates live asset, employee, and jobsite data into a centralized location for improved decision making capabilities.


  • Monitor jobsite consumable usage for cost allocation and estimating
  • Track asset history (location, maintenance, employee usage)
  • Generate employee certification reports (who has specific certifications, which employees have expiration dates coming soon)
  • Big data analytics to stay informed about your business

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