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Cordless Tool Chargers

Show me fast chargers, multi-bay and car chargers designed for our batteries

Show me fast chargers, multi-bay and car chargers designed for our batteries
Battery charger

Battery Chargers

Draw more productivity out of your cordless tools

Hilti portable battery chargers deliver a lot of capability in a compact package. That’s because our batteries are designed to stay charged longer when they’re away from the charger. Even better, they don’t lose power when they’re not in use.

  • Don’t get left out in the cold. If you have to work in cold weather, your battery-powered tools should perform at a high level as well. That is why we equipped our Battery Chargers C 4/36-DC with best-in-class cold weather performance.
  • Protect battery performance. Hilti battery chargers are designed to protect batteries from over-charging—so your batteries will perform to their potential time after time.
  • Fill multiple needs. With Battery Chargers C 4/36-DC, you can keep all your Hilti batteries fully charged and ready to work—36-volt lithium-ion batteries, 18-volt lithium-ion batteries, and (with the right adapter) even your 12-volt batteries.
  • Charge on the go. With its plug-in adapter for vehicle power sources, our Battery Chargers C 4/36-DC let you charge your batteries on the job or even on the way to your next job.

The power to do more

Imagine how much more you can achieve with the enhanced capabilities created by our industry-leading efforts for improved design and performance.


  • Run longer every day. We’ve boosted battery capacity to the point of providing up to 80 percent longer run time so you are less likely to run short on the job.
  • Stop running to buy batteries. With No-Cost Coverage, you’ll get unlimited battery replacement* for two years after purchase.
  • Quick charge recovery. If you do need to recharge quickly, you can get up to 75 percent charge in just 20 minutes with no harmful effect for early removal from the charger.
  • Extreme-temperature endurance. With extreme environment design, our batteries are ready to work anywhere you are—from 140oF down to a frigid -4oF (60oC to -20oC).
  • Rugged bodies. To prepare our batteries to shine in the toughest places you work, we gave them sealed electronics to stand up to dust and debris, rain or shine.
  • Nimble brains, too. We designed Hilti batteries not only to work harder, but to work smarter as well. Individual cell management during charge and discharge cycles ensures best performance and lifetime.
  • No more surprises. Don’t be surprised by running short of power on the job again, thanks to our LED state-of-charge indicator on each battery.
  • Share the power. New Hilti 22-volt batteries are compatible with the entire line of Hilti 18-volt and 22-volt tools and chargers so you can share or swap as needed.
  • More value for your money. Best of all, you can now get all these advantages in a battery with the same size, same weight, AND same price.

More compatibility means increased productivity

Hilti offers an expanded cordless portfolio of solutions and services, including the innovative, backward-compatible 22-volt battery. The Hilti 22-volt battery will work with new and previous generations of Hilti 18-volt and 22-volt cordless tools, providing a seamless transition for existing Hilti cordless tool customers. As a standard component of every Hilti cordless kit or combo, the 22-volt battery provides longer work time per charge to improve productivity. This feature is only one of many ways our new and expanded cordless portfolio of solutions and services can create a lower total cost of ownership for your business.

  • Achieve more from every charge. Fuller charge, deeper drain, and a 5.2 AH industrial-class battery option enable your crews to drill more holes, grind more welds, cut more rebar, and accomplish more per charge than ever before.
  • Improve reliability. State-of-the-art electronics increase power and prolong battery life for long-term reliability.
  • Increase workforce productivity. Help workers stay on task by minimizing their need to swap batteries or manage different battery platforms.
  • Enhance job site efficiency. Share advanced battery performance among multiple tools and multiple generations of Hilti cordless tools.
  • Make a seamless transition to added value. Transition to advanced power performance from previous generations of Hilti cordless tools, seamlessly, thanks to the backward compatibility of innovative Hilti 22-volt battery technology.