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Cordless Tools

See how to increase jobsite productivity by using cordless tools and the latest Nuron battery technology: shop Hilti cordless power tools here

Cordless Nuron Battery


Nuron: The ultimate Cordless Power Tool Solution

Are you tired of managing different power sources and cordless battery systems across multiple job sites? Say goodbye to the hassle and embrace the future of cordless power with Nuron - the 22-volt cordless system from Hilti, now available in your market.


Why Choose Nuron?

One Platform for All Your Tools

With Nuron, you can run all your power tools, from hammer drills to cordless drills and power hammers, on a single 22V platform. Say goodbye to the need for multiple batteries and chargers.

More work-per-charge

Get more run time for your tools on a 22V platform that can deliver more power than 36V, corded or gas.

Protect your teams

Safety solutions range from dust control systems to built-in technologies that help lower the risk of angle grinder kickback.

Nuron one platform

One platform for all your jobs

Streamline your tool crib and get more flexibility on the jobsite

Managing different power sources and cordless battery systems across multiple locations can be a headache – not to mention costly and time-consuming.

With Nuron, you'll be able to run all your tools on one cordless platform – from impact drivers to breakers. You'll need fewer batteries and chargers on the jobsite while reducing your reliance on tools that run on other power sources.

DSH 600-22 with Abrasive blade and B 22-170

More performance and run time

Work all day with batteries that deliver the power of corded and gas

Nuron will deliver up to twice the power of equivalent 18V and 20V platforms thanks to a completely redesigned battery–tool interface. For the most demanding applications, such as cutting steel pipes with a cut-off saw or breaking concrete with a demolition hammer, two 22V batteries can be combined. For lighter applications such as driving drywall screws or carrying out serial metal fastenings with your impact drivers, you'll work faster and more comfortably thanks to improved tool ergonomics.

Tool Crib Manager putting away a Hilti Tool Box on a shelf in a construction container

Connected for more productivity

Simplify crib management with data services

Minimize downtime with a connected platform that will deliver the power of data without interrupting your jobsite operations.

Quickly check battery state of health and order replacements. Access services that help you find missing equipment or identify under-used or hoarded tools. And use the data from Nuron to make informed decisions about your tool crib.

Want more? Hilti Tool Fleet and ON!Track customers will get a greater range of premium connected services with Nuron.

Reduce time spent looking for missing tools

Access information on the last-known location of misplaced tools and equipment thanks to connected Nuron batteries, tools and chargers. 

Minimize spending on duplicate tools

Pairing Nuron with the ON!Track equipment management system will help identify idle equipment and get it out to where it’s needed.

Worker standing together wearing safety gear

Nuron: Putting safety center stage

Enhanced Safety

Nuron prioritizes safety with features like Active Torque Control (ATC), Active Vibration Reduction (AVR), Dust Removal Systems (DRS), and tethering options. Your team's safety is our top concern.

Don't wait! Embrace the future of cordless power with Nuron today.

When will Nuron be available in my area?

Nuron is now available in your market.

Do I have to upgrade to Nuron?

You can continue using the Hilti cordless tools you have, and we'll continue to support them. However, you can benefit from higher performance and more advanced data-driven services once Nuron becomes available in your area.