Go paperless by receiving your invoices directly via email.

E invoicing

Improve productivity, help reduce paper waste, and make things simpler with E-Invoicing.

As Hilti Saudi Arabia for Const. Tools, we are aiming to continuously improve our service offering to our valued customers. In line with the vision 2030 for financial transaction digitalization and Electronic Transactions Law - KSA; Royal Decree No. (M/8), we are switching to a fully paperless document flow.

Cornerstones of E-Invoicing with Hilti:

  • Full Set of relevant documents (Invoice + Delivery Note + LPO) will be emailed as one PDF file to the submitted E-mail address
  • Multiple recipients possible as per customer request
  • Significantly improved delivery time of document set compared to physical delivery
  • Improved efficiency and account reconciliation
  • Invoices to be provided with stamp.
  • Full accordance with Saudi vision 2030 digitalization of financialtransaction, paperless initiative and cashless.
  • Full compliance with VAT and legislation as per Article 53(6) of KSA Vat implementation regulation and KSA Electronic transaction law Article (5)

VAT and legislation as per Article 53 ( 6 ) :"Tax Invoices shall be issued in an electronic format in cases where this is prescribed in any regulations issued by the Minister of Finance or the Board of Directors surrounding the requirements and conditions for issue of electronic Invoices, provided these Regulations are in force as at the date of the Supply.

"KSA Electronic transaction Law Article (5):" Electronic transactions, records and signatures shall have full effect and their validity and enforceability may not be contested, nor may the execution thereof be stayed on the ground thatthey were wholly or partially conducted by electronic means; provided that such electronic transactions, records or signatures are carried out in compliance with the conditions provided for in this Law"

النسخة العربية

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