Hilti builds largest solar installation in Liechtenstein

Schaan (FL), April 27, 2022 – By the end of 2022, Hilti will build the largest photovoltaic plant in Liechtenstein at its headquarters in Schaan. More than 4600 solar modules, installed on an area of around 1.5 soccer fields, will supply the Hilti Campus with solar power in the future. 

Starting end of August, solar panels with a total output of around 1.7 MWp will be installed on about 9000 m2 of Hilti's Schaan location. The photovoltaic system will be installed on the roofs of the parking garage and the Innovation Center as well as on an open area. From the time of commissioning, which is planned for the end of 2022, the photovoltaic modules will generate a total of 1800 MWh of solar power per year. This corresponds to the annual energy consumption of around 720 households. 

100% of the green energy will be used on site. The entire solar plant will cover about 10 percent of the corporate headquarters’ entire electricity demand. The remaining electricity consumption will be exclusively covered by certified green electricity which the company has been sourcing for all Hilti locations worldwide since 2020. 


60 new charging stations fueled by the sun

The electricity generated on the company's roof will also be made available to employees via 60 additional charging stations in the parking garage. CEO Christoph Loos: "While our teams are working on the next innovations at their workplace, their electric vehicles are literally being fueled by the sun in the meantime. Using the generated solar power will be free of charge for our employees. This will benefit both the environment and our team members. At the same time, we want to encourage our employees to make their own daily lives more climate-friendly." 

The new charging stations are part of the company’s "green mobility" concept. In addition to promoting electromobility the concept includes incentive programs that aim to motivate employees to get to work in a more environmentally friendly way, for example by using their bike, public transportation or carpooling. The goal of the company's various initiatives in the field of CO2 reduction is to achieve CO2 neutrality for the group’s Liechtenstein headquarters as well as globally by 2023. 

SUSTAINABILITY at Hilti | Solar Installation at Headquarters

SUSTAINABILITY at Hilti | Solar Installation at Headquarters

The Hilti Group supplies the worldwide construction and energy industries with technologically leading products,systems, software and services. With about 31,000 team members in over 120 countries the company stands fordirect customer relationships, quality and innovation. Hilti generated annual sales of nearly CHF 6 billion in 2021.The headquarters of the Hilti Group have been located in Schaan, Liechtenstein, since its founding in 1941. Thecompany is privately owned by the Martin Hilti Family Trust, which ensures its long-term continuity. The Hilti Group’sstrategic orientation is based on a caring and performance-oriented culture and the goals of creating enthusiasticcustomers and building a better future.

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