Hilti firestop training for installers

Hilti installers training for firestop

With the emphasis in the Kingdom now towards safety Firestop and Passive firestop in particular, has become an important spoke in the safety wheel. As our commitment towards the society towards safety we provide training and support to our customers about Hilti Passive Firestop products and application.

We have a trained & certified team of professionals who provide trainings on Firestop. Our Engineers go to the site and offices of our customers and give seminars on the know how about the Firestop system.

These trainings include a wide spectrum of Firestop knowledge ranging from Application, products, Approvals, Installation procedure, inspection etc.

The topics covered in our trainings to Installers cover the following:

  • Firestop working principle
  • Firestop Standards and Approvals
  • Hilti Firestop Solution
  • Selecting the right product for the application
  • How to Install the Firestop materials
  • Training to the labor workforce
  • Firestop Inspection support

Why Hilti Training is Important

Hilti installers training for firestop

With the vast experience we have and our commitment to support our customers we support our customers with a detailed training on the Firestop principles and application.

We will be there at the site to train the workforce who will install the Firestop and ensure that they do the installation properly which in turn will help our customers save money and effort.

We also support in the inspection of Firestop by guiding you on the UL requirements which in turn will be helpful to complete the task effectively.

Firestop Trainings


Offering and structure of the training  
1. Item Numbers 2168798 (Group) / 2169003 (Person)
2. Target Group All
3. Trade All
4. Duration 5 hours
5. Number of Participants Up to 10
6. Certificates Personal certificate of participation
7. Dates On request
8. Location Onsite in your company or at Hilti Store on request
9. Price  SAR 6,180  per group / SAR 1,240  per person ( All prices are excluding VAT)


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