Channel calculator, fixed point, anchor selector and much more

Hilti mobile apps for modular support systems

We offer a range of mobile apps, packed full of our Hilti expertise and data, to help make your life easier on the jobsite.

They’re free to download and include useful advice on design, calculations and the best Hilti products for your build.

All our apps are designed for the professional building industry.

Hilti Fix Point Selector App

Hilti Fixpoint Calculator app

Hilti Fix Point Selector offers an easy and safe way to calculate fixed point loads, the pipe extension and the minimum bend length of a particular pipe line. Very few inputs are needed to obtain a result, which can be also displayed as an application picture.

Channel Calculator App

Hilti Channel Calculator app

This app is a designer, a calculator and an order platform all in one. Use this tool to configure onsite installation for pipes, air ducts and cable trays.

Fixed-point module

Hilti PROFIS Installation Fixed-Point Module
  • Calculate expansion solutions: bending arm, U-bend, axial expansion joint
  • Find the most economical Hilti fixed-point solution
  • Get a bill of material including installation instructions

Go to PROFIS Installation

The Hilti Mobile App

Hilti Mobile app

Use this app to browse our product catalogue, check stock availability, use quick order entry for fast access to the products you need and manage your tool fleet and account. Also access all the technical information you need.

Hilti Anchor Selector App

Hilti Anchor Selector app

Select the anchor you need based on its location, plate geometry, loads, environmental conditions and more.



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