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Features & Applications

  • Labour-saving grating installation – fewer steps than traditional grating clamps and welding.
  • No surface rework needed – when fastening grating to steel ≥ 6 mm thick
  • Durable hold – locking tabs on the disc help to prevent loosening or spinning
  • Extensive approvals – comprehensive technical data, test reports and approvals available
  • Reduce trip hazards – these fasteners have a non-slip surface and protrude less than 4 mm from walkway grating when correctly installed
  • Fastening narrow grating (13-22 mm opening width) to steel in highly corrosive C5 environments, such as ships or offshore oil and gas installations
  • Fastening grates with 28-53 mm height
  • Fastening FRP and steel grating
  • Grating fastener disc for use with M8 threaded studs

Technical Data

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Consulting & Support

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