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Features & Applications

Hanger MFT-HAF 50 RL7 #2301595
  • Faster, simpler cladding installation – improved hanger design for hassle-free panel installation
  • Single panel removal – these redesigned hangers are not only easier to install, but also allow you to remove single cladding panels (when fastened with fixing pins)
  • All-weather installation – unlike adhesives, you can work with this system in virtually all weather conditions
  • Engineering support available – contact your local Hilti team for project-specific advice on optimising the ventilated façade substructure
  • Total system solution – from Hilti you get optimised tools, consumables and services for every step of ventilated façade installation
  • Concealed fastening of façade cladding using mechanical fasteners for rear fixing

Technical Data

Hanger MFT-HAF 50 RL7 #2301595

Documents & Videos

Hanger MFT-HAF 50 RL7 #2301595

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