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Features & Applications

  • Makes post-installed rebar connections as easy to design as anchor fastenings
  • Stay compliant with the latest codes and design reporting
  • Control costs when repairing or retrofitting concrete
  • Comprehensive static and seismic calculation options
  • Shear applications using the Hilti Design Method
  • The streamlined PROFIS Rebar software helps you quickly calculate post-installed rebar development/lap lengths according to proven standards.
  • This free structural engineering software uses the latest building codes and regulations, including Eurocode 2 and ACI 318. Easily generate a report with rebar development length and splice calculations, and ICC-ES approval references (ESR).
  • Designing using PROFIS Rebar gives you an economical alternative to removing and repouring concrete when cast-in-place rebar is missed during installation, or when an existing structure needs refitting.
  • Rebar development length can be calculated for lap splices, starter bars, special moment frames and special structural walls. Static, seismic, fatigue and dynamic load conditions are all supported by the software.
  • For shear friction post-installed rebar applications, the Hilti Design Method permits calculation of a shallower embedment than that calculated using ACI 318 shear friction provisions.

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