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Cordless Vacuums & Dust Management

Find out how our cordless vacuum cleaners and dust management accessories can maximise power tool performance and create cleaner jobsites

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

cordless vacuum cleaners and dust management can maximise power tool performance and create cleaner jobsites

Discover Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Quick clean-up and greater dust control with portable convenience

You can't avoid making dust, but you can control it – no matter where you're working. Our HEPA-ready cordless vacuum cleaners help enable cleaner, safer and more efficient OSHA-compliant jobsites.

And thanks to the power and flexibility of the Nuron platform, you can now achieve cordless wet-and-dry dust extraction even where electrical power isn't available.

Battery-powered vacuums for on-the-go clean-up

More safety

You don't need a power outlet to enable health and safety compliance for drilling and cutting applications – our high-performing vacuum cleaners work on the Nuron cordless platform.

More productivity

Work better and with fewer interruptions. Our cordless vacuums can help improve visibility on the jobsite, save you time during clean-up and extend tool life.

More convenience

Whether you carry it by handle, strap or backpack, our cordless vacuum cleaners are mobile and comfortable and work with our wide-range 22V Nuron battery platform.

Make your jobsite safer with the new Hilti VC 10M-22 Cordless Dust Extractor


Wet and Dry Cordless dust extraction

Hilti’s first vacuum that can be worn as a backpack when purchased with our brand-new backpack accessory. Not only is carrying the vacuum on your back safer – as you’re less likely to trip when walking across uneven terrain – but it also leaves your hands free to carry other items, making you much more productive. You can even wear the vacuum when it’s in use, made easier by a shorter 1.9m hose that can be purchased in addition to the standard 3m hose.

The new Bluetooth Module can also be converted into a remote switch, allowing remote start and stop at the touch of a button. Plus, with the user-friendly display and touch panel, you’ll always be notified when the suction power is below the optimum L/S.

VC 5-22 is easy to handle and comfortable to carry

No outlet? No problem

Clean your workspace with a cordless vacuum instead

Weighing in at just 4.3kg and with an integrated shoulder strap, the VC 5-22 is easy to handle and comfortable to carry. It is perfect for cleaning your work area or even keeping your van tidy!

Enable OSHA compliance

Keep your jobsite clean and compliant by combing our cordless vacuum cleaners with an integrated dust management solution for cutting, drilling, coring and more.

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Prefer a corded vacuum?

Remove heavy dust and wet slurry from grinding, cutting, drilling and coring quickly and efficiently with our high-powered, high-capacity corded vacuum cleaners.

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We stand behind our tools

We don't expect our tools to fail, but we're here if they do. Get no-cost service on your vacuum cleaner for two years, then a lifetime warranty and repair cost limit. 

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