The annual international campaign for The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is held on April 28, and has been observed by the International Labour Organization (ILO) since 2003. The campaign aims to promote the well-being of the workforce, improve the work environment, and maintain the protection of the employees through safety measures.

Many employees are facing immense pressures when it comes to the responsibilities that their jobs require. A stressful working environment or work-related stress is currently recognized as a global issue affecting many organizations around the globe. Companies should recognize the risks associated with health and safety, and work to promote their employees‘ protection and well-being.

At Hilti, we understand how hazardous construction sites can be, whether working at heights or in difficult-to-get-to corners. We constantly design ergonomic products to prevent accidents, and to protect the health of workers using them. This keeps construction sites safer but it also saves time onsite, keeping builds productive and on time.

Our innovative technologies are designed to promote upmost safety and a healthy work environment.  Our dust vacuums (DRS) removes dust efficiently, the Hilti Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) reduces vibration by two-thirds; avoiding health problems and allowing tools to be used for longer. Working at Heights helps us use our Hilti’s Active Torque Control technology which is a rapid “twist and lock” system and working constantly to reduce noise levels of our tools and technologies. Health and safety is very important to us at Hilti. We design our technologies to keep our customers safe as well as productive. But we are also convinced that international standards for health and safety are needed for the whole of the construction industry worldwide. That is why we are working with our customers, partners and leading trade bodies, and businesses to build common guidelines and goals.


We help make construction sites safer and more productive

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