Hilti Mobile Apps

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Hilti Anchor Selector App

The Hilti Anchor Selection application is designed to assist architects, engineers and construction professionals in choosing the best anchor for their application.

The app provides a convenient way to select or search for Hilti Anchors and obtain general product information including load values, setting details, base material, and plate geometry. 

Adhesive Anchor Volume Estimator

The web based Adhesive Anchor Volume Estimator tool allows construction professionals to estimate the approximate number of adhesive cartridges needed for an application.

Simply select the Hilti adhesive anchoring system being used, input the application parameters (anchor size, embedment depth, number of anchors, etc.) and the tool will calculate the estimated number of cartridges needed for the application. Click on the desired cartridge size to place your order for that adhesive anchoring product. 

Diamond Drilling Assistant App

The new Hilti Diamond Drilling Assistant is the app that takes guesswork out of your diamond drilling applications. The easy-to-use and intuitive app supports you during jobsite preparation, features more than 60 diamond tool training videos and also includes a troubleshooting section as well as direct links to the operating instructions of all Hilti Diamond Drilling tools.

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