Hilti TE-YX drill bits for concrete drilling

Fast drilling in concrete - even with rebar

Latest Hilti TE-YX concrete drill bits, featuring a new head design and higher strength metal to cut through rebar

TE-YX 6 and 4 cutting edges

If you're drilling large diameters in reinforced concrete, you'll know hitting rebar can be a real jam! 

In fact, about two-thirds of actual drilling time is spent hitting and trying to get through rebar. This can take even longer if the bit catches or sticks, especially when drilling large diameter holes.

For serial drilling applications this hitting, catching and jamming in rebar can create a domino effect of lost time and risk of injury, potentially delaying work down the line.  

That's why we've developed the new TE-YX bit with 6-cutting edges and re-designed our 4-cutter bit to chew through rebar in no time! 

Save time when hitting rebar and drill faster in concrete

Hilti TE-YX drill bit with six cutting edges

New Hilti TE-YX with four cutting edges for medium - large diameters

The proven TE-YX concrete drill bit has been further developed by Hilti Engineers to match the increasing demands of concrete drilling on-site, where higher-strength concrete classes are now more regularly used.

With a new, even more robust bit head, the TE-YX four-cutter delivers speed and reliability, even when hitting rebar.

Advantages at a glance

•Optimised hard metal cutting edges for aggressive drilling
•New bit head geometry to optimise speed even when hitting rebar
•Longer lifetime
•Wear mark to make to drill accurate hole diameters
•Hole diameters from 18 – 32 mm
•SDS Max connect end

Hilti TE-YX drill bit with four cutting edges

The first of its kind, the Hilti TE-YX with six cutting edges for large diameters

This newly designed bit really means business when hitting rebar.

It has six cutting edges on the tip which slice through the rebar. This minimises glancing hits when a bit is most likely to jam.

Thanks to the six cutting edges, the bit mantains a good hold on base material to help it drive through direct rebar hits.

Advantages at a glance

•First drill bit for concrete with six cutting edges
•Saves time when hitting rebar
•Longer lifetime
•Weight-optimised to improve working comfort when serial drilling
•Wear mark to drill accurate hole dimaters
•Hole diameters between 35 – 45 mm
•SDS Max connection end

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