On Site Testing, Saudi Arabia

Hilti Saudi Arabia is at your Service, always!

Hilti has always tried to set high standards when it comes to our products and services. This has made Hilti a trusted name in the construction industry and we are aware of our responsibilities towards the society and our customers. This motivates us to always raise the bar higher and to serve our customers in the best possible way and create enthusiastic customers. That’s why we have raised the level of providing on-site services to our customers. We understand the need of technical offices when it comes to on-site testing for ex: Anchor pull out test, and the requirement when it comes to consultants.

Now we have a new portfolio of pull out testers, Light duty pull out tester HAT 30 and the Medium duty pull out tester HAT 180 , which has a digital gauge to record the test reading and link to mobile apps via bluetooth. We record these tests and provide professional test reports after the test to our customers.

Through out the year we did various tests at job site to help our customers get the approvals from consultants. Also we live up to our promise of being partners to our customers and safety for our society we carry out the pull out testing with utmost sincerity and professionalism.

What do you get from Hilti On Site Testing Services

As a project requirement where you need to test approximately 5% of the Anchors Installed to get the Consultant approval, Anchor Testing becomes imperative. This is where Hilti supported its customers you not only with the product but also with our services.

In 2016 we did On site testing or Anchor pull out testing as it is commonly known, for over 35 customers across the Kingdom.

These were important for our customers to

1) Get approvals from the consultants

2) Test the Installation quality of the Anchors

With our professionally trained Field Engineers we were able to do the pull out testing for our customers using the state of the art Anchor pull out testers. After the test we provided a professional Test Report which is generated by filling the test details on our internal SharePoint for services.

This on time and professional delivery of our services helped us to support our customer and fulfill their need. In also paved the way for a professional relationship with our customers and being partners to them.

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