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What is Ask Hilti?

Ask Hilti is an online community platform for engineering and construction professionals. It offers opportunities for gaining knowledge in topics such as anchoring and passive fire protection systems through Q & A, discussions, webinars and articles with the end goal of improving safety across the construction industry. 

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Ask questions for fast, expert advice from Hilti Engineers and other professionals, and join discussions with the wider engineering community on some of the most challenging and innovative applications/concepts like seismic, retrofitting, concrete to concrete post-installed connection(s), fire safety etc.

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Engage with Hilti on-demand/live webinars on innovative topics and be awarded with Participation Certificates.

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Regularly added to the platform, read up on recent projects, expand your knowledge on anchor designs, educate yourself on the latest standards and comment on articles.

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Certificates - Keep all your certificates in one handy place on the Ask Hilti platform! Certificates are awarded and emailed to you when you watch a webinar. Your certificates will be added to your profile where you can also upload certificates from other sources.

Reputation Points and Badges – Reputation points and badges can be earned through your activities on the platform such as reaching milestones (for example, first question posted or 5 certificates earned) and, also through the activities 

Introducing our Ask Hilti engineering community

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