75 Years Hilti

Back in 1941, a small workshop in Schaan, Liechtenstein, was the cradle of today’s corporation.

Dear readers, partners and friends of our company,

75 years of Hilti – you may wonder if that is old or young? Without question, the company has never been younger and more dynamic than today. This gives us comfort and certainty that we have done many things right and well in the past. It goes without saying that our history is not a seamless success story. We too have lived through crises but we have always grasped them as opportunities to reflect about the world around us and ourselves, to initiate change and to grow.

Hence, our 75-year-old history has not only been characterized by renewal and transformation but also by our ability and openness to accept change. Martin Hilti, my father and co-founder of Hilti, has played a key role in this. He wanted his company to be an «enterprise of entrepreneurs», made up of people with a high degree of self-responsibility and initiative. This continues to be the case today. By putting people and performance center stage, we create an environment of permanent challenge and support. Thanks to this interaction, we function as a global team that is constantly encouraged to excel and never stands still. In this light, we are mainly looking ahead in this jubilee year. 

Something we can do with confidence, because we stand on solid footing: with a highly professional global team that is growing and developing constantly, with a corporate culture that defines our identity, with clear objectives and a family that thinks and acts long-term as our sole shareholder. 

75 successful years, driven by permanent innovation in everything we do, characterized by unparalleled customer proximity and supported by more than 23,000 highly committed team members all over the world. All this provides an excellent foundation to build on for the next 75 years. And it’s what fascination Hilti is all about – today and tomorrow.

Yours cordially,

Michael Hilti


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